Carey Portell

"Choosing a Life you Want out of the Life you were Given."

Carey is a professional speaker by circumstance.

Carey has inspired thousands to change their perspectives by sharing her triumphs and the challenges of her four year recovery, being a survivor of a drunk driver accident. Receiving disabling injuries, Carey has become an expert of breaking through limitations.

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Carey will guide you on a journey of self growth.

Hay Season & Drought of 2023

Episode 3

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Carey will take you along to show how dramatically the drought has affected their hay crop that feeds their livestock and how she manages to work despite her permanent lower body injuries.

Empowering Young Women in Agriculture

Episode 2

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Carey travels to Owensboro, KY to OCTC Community College to speak and give a workshop to young women in agriculture.

Who is Cruisin' Cowgirl?

Episode 1

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Carey explains how she received her disabling injuries and how she lives and works as a partially disabled cattle farmer and national speaker.

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