Carey Portell

"Choosing a Life you Want out of the Life you were Given."

Carey is a professional speaker by circumstance.

Carey has inspired thousands to change their perspectives by sharing her triumphs and the challenges of her four year recovery, being a survivor of a drunk driver accident. Receiving disabling injuries, Carey has become an expert of breaking through limitations.

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Carey will guide you on a journey of self growth.

Melissa Silvey -

"Jesus is Enough"

Episode 10

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Melissa Silvey's world is turned upside down with a new MS diagnosis, a sudden divorce, the loss of her mother, and a devastating fall for her father. But through her struggles, Melissa finds unwavering strength in her faith, inspired by her daughter's words, "Jesus is enough."

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Kay Stevens-Professional Team Roper

Episode 9

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Witness Kay's inspiring journey as she picks up the pieces after unimaginable tragedies. This episode is a testament to the human spirit's ability to persevere in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Rotational Grazing

Episode 8

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Follow Carey on two days of finishing up late summer farm chores and feeling like hammered dog turd! Rotational Grazing and Brush Hogging.

2023 Flatland Interview

Episode 7

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

This Organization Helps Folks with Disabilities to Prosper in Agriculture.

Meet Carey Portell, a cattle rancher, public speaker and author. Portell found these secondary careers after surviving a car crash which severely limited the use of her legs and drastically changed her life.

We're Flatland, a destination for those who share boundless curiosity, home of curiousKC, and the digital platform of Kansas City PBS.

2017 MO Farm Bureau:

Carey Portell -

Overcoming Obstacles

Episode 6

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

In an effort to move beyond a horrific auto accident, Carey Portell and her family, of St. James, have turned to agriculture.
The change has brought purpose and pride back for Carey, who has literally learned how to walk again.

Rolla Police TV: Carey Portell - Stronger than Yesterday
(DWI Survivor)

Episode 5

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

The Rolla Police Department's "Rolla Police TV" presents a video of Carey Portell telling her story about a choice that was made for her and her family by an intoxicated driver and her recovery. Carey has given her presentation to many groups in the Mid-Missouri area.

Infusions at Riverside Medical

Episode 4

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Carey fights for her health every day & that mostly consists of decreasing her pain & inflammation.

Follow Carey as she tries out something new, infusions!

Riverside Medical-

Lazarus Naturals- RSO CBD Oil-

Hay Season & Drought of 2023

Episode 3

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Carey will take you along to show how dramatically the drought has affected their hay crop that feeds their livestock and how she manages to work despite her permanent lower body injuries.

Empowering Young Women in Agriculture

Episode 2

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Carey travels to Owensboro, KY to OCTC Community College to speak and give a workshop to young women in agriculture.

Who is Cruisin' Cowgirl?

Episode 1

In this episode of Cruisin' Cowgirl:

Carey explains how she received her disabling injuries and how she lives and works as a partially disabled cattle farmer and national speaker.

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